Capitola: Slimmmm Pickinnnns!

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 94017 * Christian’s uncle took him out fishing this afternoon for an hour and this is all they got – one jacksmelt. That’s pretty much the story – a swell has come up and wreaked havok on the fishing. We only had a few boats out, but given how the water looks the fact that noone is catching anything is not a surprise at all.

On the wharf, people were catching tons of kelp, and one guy hooked and released a 40 pound bat ray. Again though – the swell has really put the kibosh on catching much of anything.

The weather forecast has us returning to a very nice warm fall pattern by Tuesday – we’re all waiting for that.

September 13, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports

2 Responses

  1. js - September 15, 2009

    seems like the fishing has been slow for the last couple of weeks. any ideas when it might pick up?

  2. Capitola Boat and Bait - September 16, 2009

    Well, that weather system that came through here kinda messed things up. Late yesterday we saw some evidence of the bait coming back in but nothing substantial caught yet. It’s hard to say, but we’ll be sure to post when something happens.