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Capitola: Hope tomorrow is like today!

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Shi and Zhang were part of the same group from the previous post – they were fishing in the same area but caught a bit more of the same sort of stuff – rock crab and assorted rock fish.

We had 13 boats out today, most of them caught rock cod. It was a good day for fishing around Capitola reef. Some of the other boats caught some larger fish but they were in a hurry to get them back to the dinner table so we didn’t get photos.

On the wharf, things were a bit slower today ’til about 12:30pm because we had some swell wrapping around into the bay from the northwest messing things up a bit. Once things got going, people were catching sardines fairly well for a while, though it seems to have slowed down again. We didn’t see anything big again today, though Ed saw Nguyen loose a decent sized one to a sea lion about 7:00pm last night. Through the grape vine we heard that he caught a 22 inch striper later on that evening along and that someone else landed one as well.

Weather was amazing today – quite warm in the morning ’til a breeze picked up, then sunny and breezy the rest of the day. Right now the breeze has laid down a bit again. Tomorrow is supposed to be something like today.

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Capitola: Small fish but lots of catching

Song and Evan and a few of their buddies who were camera shy did very well fishing off Bomborra reef today. They were in a group of three boats with a total of 12 people fishing. Most fish were small, but they had at least a couple of limits. Here you can see some of their catch – rock crab and some grass cod, browns, and a few black and yellows.

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Capitola: Thanks for the chow mein Perry – have a fish!

Perry took his skiff out to Soqeul point and caught this 11 pound halibut this morning around 8:00am. He was using a live sardine on a halibut rig out a little way from the kelp bed.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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