Capitola: That gust of wind blowing down the coast is Larry finally breathing again

* WPG2 CANNOT LOCATE GALLERY2 ITEM ID 98045 * K. First: R E L A X – this is *not* Santa Cruz / Capitola stuff here. CALM DOWN!

Sheriff Larry and Kurtis made a couple little trips down to Monterey this week, and both of them did quite well for themselves. Pictured here you see Sheriff Larry with his 2009 “ego refill” – better late than never! Larry’s fish today were these two white seabass – the large one is 46 pounds, the smaller one is 36 pounds. They’ve been using squid on halibut rigs as if they were mooching for salmon, and these here represent the eighth and ninth of these monsters in the last two days.

We are sorry for the lack of posts here, but really – we’ve seen *nothing*. We’ve had almost zero boats out, and all we’ve seen are a few rock and ling cod here and there. Not really even worth the electrons required to post them.

That said, we’re seeing sardines starting move in and out from the area around the wharf in small pockets through the day. Some larger jacksmelt and perch have started biting midrange on the wharf.

Oh. And the weather has been real nice. That’s probably the big score here in Capitola – nice sunny weather. We *did* hear (over the radio) of some squid being sighted just outside the harbor – that could be a harbinger of Monterey-like fish showing up. That’s just speculation of course, but we can hope.

Plenty of boats available for the weekend, and near shore here in the north bay it should be pretty nice.

October 2, 2009   Posted in: Fishing Reports