Stenographer considers change of career

The stenographer has conceded that a flogging is too good for him.

Obviously the problems stemming from the hard disk crash weren’t as easy to fix as they initially appeared. The jist of it is that the gallery side of the backup was a complete mess and 2/3rds useless. We got back all the gallery numbering up to the end of last June – all the numbering past that is gone. We do have the photos – I’ll be injecting those back into their galleries as time permits. But as we lost the numbering, we can only associate those pictures with fishing report entries on an item-by-item basis.  It will take a lot of time. The stenographer extends his most humble apologies. Repairs will progress at a faster pace now that the gallery issues are under control.

[edit] For the record, there we lost 307 gallery entries starting on 6/21/2009 – sigh.

December 22, 2009   Posted in: Announcements and News, Fishing Reports