Capitola: Salmon Gear – 30% Off!!

Our fearless leader lost his marbles yesterday and proclaimed that “The Salmon Gear Must Go!” – so now’s your chance folks!В  If the rumors are correct (and oh man are we crossing our fingers) you’ll be needing some of this stuff next year.

The rack of stuff you see in the photo here is at the Capitola store – come on down and get yours.В  Who knows when Frank will get back on the meds – hurry!

December 23, 2009   Posted in: Announcements and News, Fishing Reports

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  1. Ken g - December 26, 2009

    American river fish hatchery personnel are calling 2009 a little to eerily similar as last years run with very few fish wandering up to the ladder at the nimbus hatchery and while #5 blue fox spinners trolled downstream still are picking up some nice healthy salmon the number count just has not materialized yet with not a lot of time before the 2010 plug is pulled on ocean salmon fishing.

    Not the news we wanted to hear but on a happier note larger size steelhead are continuing to show up throughout Northern California rivers. The Smith river is finally on track with 10-12lbers being taken daily while the water flow remains fishable. Roe and a fish pill seems to be working about the best on 10lb florocarbon.
    Foo jigs tipped with a bit of shrimp or roe fished under a indicator in the faster water sections also hooking a lot of fish but not as many big size ones. Crome kings still on tap for those willing to stick it out and plan their trips carefully to maximize water and weather conditions. Roe and fish pill seems to be the best deal to maximize oportunity for both steelies and kings.

    Locally their are fish in the san lorenzo but pocketed. hopefully the new rain fall will come a little more consistant instead of sudden floods. Scotts creek same deal with a few all catch and release but a lot of work to 5lbs for those trying in the cool wet conditions. gortex and waders is a must.