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Capitola: A better view of…

Larry Ed Big seabass
Ed’s huge toad! NICE Catch Ed!

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Capitola: A week ago this would have be pretty cool news

Ed and Larry and tasty yum yums
Here are Ed and Larry with an awesome winter surprise! They were fishing down around Monterey in Larry’s shiny fancy newish boat, and happened upon some white seabass that were hungry for some squid on halibut rigs. Yummay! They caught four in total, the heaviest being 56 pounds, the lightest being 38. Will there be room in the freezer? Stay tuned.

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Capitola: This would have been a good post…

Jason and rock fish
…if we had posted it when it was actually useful information :(

Here’s Jason with a couple of cabazone that he caught off the wharf last Wednesday. He was using a surf leader with size 4 hook with strips of squid and an 8 oz torpedo lead. He was fishing between the second gate and the beach. The RCG complex fish – rock cod, cabezone, and greenlings – are all legal off the wharf all year round (this does not include lingcod however).

So were it not for the storms that are now hitting the coast here, this’d be great, timely, and useful news! But alas we’re in winter mode a bit on these posts here, so – erg – who knows if these will still be around after the weather.

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Capitola: Inksters gone wild!

The Boys and Lots of Humbolt Squid
Our commercial fleet took a day off and fished up a few Humbolt squid – here’s their catch. They were fishing in 1500 feet of water off of Moss Landing using those goofy big squid hook/lure things that glow. What you see here is 48 of them, averaging 25 pounds each. Woot! These are going to turn into a whole bunch of crab bait and maybe a bite or two of dinner.

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Capitola Boat Bucks

Here they are folks, hot off the presses!В  Aside from the usual cosmetic changes, we’ve made the bucks good for the entire year.В  We’re continuing with the “two kinds of bucks” theme, but again: it does not matter whichВ  version of boat bucks you bring with you – both kinds are good at either store.

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