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Salmon, here I come!

Larry was kind enough to put together a short demonstration of the Deep Six diving plane for us.В  If you want to fish for salmon out of a rental boat and you don’t have a downrigger, you’ll definitely want to give this a look see.В  Larry and Ed both used these for many years with great success.В  Click the picture below for the walk through.

The Deep Six Diving Plane

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Capitola: 12;30 bite.

Ryan and black perch.
Just started to bite.

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Capitola: Captain – there be whales here!

Ed and Larry note that they spotted some gray whales about an hour ago playing around inside the marina – one was just basking. They were headed north in about 40 feet of water.

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Capitola: Harrys big day.

Harry and black prech
Harry, Andy, and a couple of the girls where whacking the perch today on shrimp. the hot bite seamed to be between 9 and 11 and from the gate to the fish tank.

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Arrghghg – that’s a good sign (not)

We had a bit of down time today – not sure why though it looked hardware-y.В В  Things are going to get rolling pretty soon here so we’ll be keeping a closer watch.

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Capitola: Yea, up and running.

Cleon and Leopard shark
Cleon captured this short but feisty leopard on shrimp & surf leader setup mid way on wharf. There have been two other legal leopards this week and some perch as well.

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Capitola: Is this thing on?

Larry and late winter seabass
Ah yes looks like it is. And oh look, it’s Sheriff Larry with a couple of beautiful tasty white seabass! He and Ed went out fishing off Monterey today and ended up boating a total of three seabass and a flattie. The three seabass totalled 100 pounds – Ed’s was in the 37 pound range. Word is we might have one or two additional photos coming – will post if I get them.

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