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Capitola: Nice opener redux

A pretty good opening day for salmon!  Our general sense of things on the radio is that quite a few nice fish were caught.  Most of the action was in water between 220 to 240 feet deep.  In the morning fish were caught shallow about 40-60 feet down, and as the day progressed they moved deeper towards 200 feet.

Not too much going on with our rentals (we only had two out fishing for salmon). One boat had two strikes on krippled anchovies behind a dodger out past the second yellow buoy.  They were fishing  in about 120 feet of water with 60 feet of line out over a 1 pound ball.  Those strikes were likely salmon, so maybe we’ll have some salmon action on the rentals this year.

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Capitola: Highliners of the opener.

Carol frist salmon of the year.
Jim and Carol were the only private boat of three to come in with fish today. This was one of them (Jim didn’t want to pose with his smaller fish). Larry released a 19 incher and lost a nice one. Neither of the two rentals got fish, but one did see a gray whale jump outside the marina. Not bad for an opener.

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Capitola: Jealous rock cod tries to steal salmon spotlight

Dennis and brown rock cod
Here’s Dennis with the nice brown rock cod he just caught off the end of the wharf. Dennis was actually fishing for crab with a crab net and found this little hitchhiker in the net when he brought it up to check it. Bad day for that fish – it might make a taco or two though.

The radio is abuzz with talk of salmon hitting the decks. Of the boats that launched from here, we hear that Jim has one on board now and Larry released a 19 incher so far. From what we’ve heard it sounds like most of the action is on the west edge of the hole anywhere from 180 to 200 feet of water in 40 to 180 feet down. They’ve been biting on all kinds of gear, with watermelon Apex’s stealing the show.

And just heard over the radio now, someone finished up the day with two limits of fish in the 15-18 pound range at 36.49 and 121.56 degrees.

So – sounds like an excellent start – stay tuned for more.

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Fixed the current weather conditions report

The stenographer’s glacially slow spin up continues apace.  The current conditions report is working again; it went down when we replaced the console in the Capitola shop.

The radio is buzzing with salmon activity – sounds like they’re getting ‘em!  We have just a few rentals out and they’re fishing near shore – no word from them yet. Plenty going on out farther in the bay though.

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Updated fishing licensing page

We’re no longer selling fishing licenses directly at our stores, so we’ve updated the licensing page to reflect that.  The short version is: you’re best off if you take care of your licensing needs before you get here.

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