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Capitola: Oh jeese guys! Butters caught a gall darn fish!

Butters and his fishy fish
Butters here (who you might remember used to be known as Joey) had a pretty good day today as the Lucky Charms he donated to Poseidon paid off big (oh hambugers!!!). He was fishing with Josh and Shawn in the Soquel hole about 175 feet down when he hooked up this hum dinger. He was trolling a purple haze behind a red hot spot. This one bit around 12:30 – otherwise it was pretty quiet.

Nice catch Butters!

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Capitola: Leave the Chiefs at Home

Larry and shiny goodness

So in the wake of our recent bad weather Larry and Terry went out looking for salmon in Larry’s boat and struck gold. They were fishing in 240-280 feet of water and picked up these two 200 feet down. They were trolling purple haze huchies behind a red and green hot spot flasher. NIce catch!

On their fish finder bait was mostly scattered which is to be expected after a storm – they found one large ball that went from the surface down to 100 feet. Larry says there were not many boats out there today.

No rentals out today, so nothing to report there.

On the wharf we’ve seen some shiners come up near the end, and some sand soles in the middle. Basically pretty slow though.

It’s too early in the year for glowing speculation so we’ll just leave it there.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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