Capitola: Frank is considering hydraulics

The gang and one short of limits
Carol and Jim and Frank and Mike each hit the water in their respective boats this morning before Larry and Eric left and went out to 50 55. They were all fishing purple haze hoochies behind red flashers and in 300 feet of water. They too were fishing way down there – Frank’s downrigger was overheating and he could only get 5 feet up at a time.

Mike and Frank didn’t catch anything ’til 12:30, then they had a double and a single within an hour and came in.

Carol and Jim had their three fish by 9:30 this morning, but could not get their go home fish all the rest of the day.

All worth while however as the total catch weighed in a 72 pounds. That is some darn fine dining.

April 16, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports