Capitola: Kurtis: Mighty Hunter

Kurtis and flatties
The stenographer shadowed Kurtis like a stray puppy dog today but no biscuits were forthcoming. Kurtis is on his usual roll. Throughout the morningВ  there were probably a total of 6 or so boats in the area all following roughly the same drift, but as far as the stenographer saw, only Kurtis here had any sort of luck. Which he doubtless will take offense to – there was no luck involved, etc etc. We think animal sacrifice is involved.

Anyway, obviously they’re out there, straight out of the harbor. If you want to give it a try, just head out to the general area where all the other boats are drifting and try to stay off the reefs. The stenographer did not quite stay off the reefs and ended up catching a releasing a nice vermillion. Those won’t be legal ’til May 1st.

Speaking of wishing it was May 1st, one of our rentals caught and relesased two big lingcod and about a dozen rock cod fishing off Soquel point using halibut rigs and squid. Good thing May is just around the corner, we may have some very nice rock cod fishing this year.

On the wharf, not much going on – a few perch here and there and one good sized skate. We’re seeing more pelicans diving around and fish finders were registering small bait balls in the area. Could be pinheads, could be smelt, could be some of those sardines from yesterday. The take away from this is that the ocean around here is waking up, so you might wanna start thinking about getting out here.

April 17, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Ken g - April 17, 2010

    You are indeed right. The swell inside kinda sucked but flatties none the less. Squid may be the better way to go for right no until some better suitable bait rolls in thicker which looks like its making its first showing in catchable numbers(able to bait jig up enough to work with for a afternoons halibut drifting.

    The plus side is the halibut bites are getting better and better. A sure sign go check out the trash cans in the harbor and the fish cleaning racks.

    Nice size ding a lings are chowing down on just about every color fish trap in the 5inch size. Pink over U.V double plastic squid rigs are hitting a mix bag of lings and rock fish to soon but not to far away.

    A one ounce white sypro white hair raiser tipped with a stripe of squid is having some luck on the flatties as well. I would venture to bet there is a lot more buts waiting to be boxed if worked a little harder and longer.
    The upcoming weather may not be all that much.

    Salmon are available to,best advice get on the water early early like the second the wharf opens and bring suitable gear to get down as deep as 300-350 feet.

    The krill bloom may be anywhere in the water column but definitely shallower in the morning. There was a kayak caught salmon in the 10lb range today which is the first in this shallow to my knowledge. It was taken on a rock cod rod with a drop ball and pin release system to a seperate rod working a basic herring dodger and smaller tray sardine.

    Things are looking real good and could bust open real quickly with the first big bait balls. Whales are always a sign of good things to come.

  2. mark collins - April 18, 2010

    Thats funny because I caught 2 halibut right next to the mile bouey , nice fish though Kurtis.

  3. Capitola Boat and Bait - April 19, 2010

    Sorry we missed that Mark (and it’s certainly good to hear!). If you have any pictures you’d like us to post feel free to send them.