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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Terry scores an upgrade!!

Larry and Terry and salmon
The scene out in the middle of the bay was somewhat better. While we heard plenty of complaining on the radio from people who were not having much luck, Sheriff Larry and Chief Terry ed out that all you need to do is drive over them. They were using PHHBARF of course, and fishing deeeep.

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Capitola: They fought like little tuna

The Stenographers Sardines
Halibut fishing could have been better today. Much better. The stenographer was in good company today as both Kurtis and Darn Glenn also flew the skunk flag halibut wise. The stenographer headed for the barn first, and thought he might have a chance at highliner today with the four sardines you see in the photo here. However – gee surprise surprise Darn Glenn caught and released a good number of large ling cod in the reefs near the mile buoy during his halibut quest.

The good news to take away from all this is:

1) There are some nice sardines around – these were caught just about a mile from the Capitola marina.

2) There are some nice lings in the wings waiting for May 1st.

We’re going to try again tomorrow – fingers crossed as always.

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