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Capitola: Go west young angler

Gary and ling and brown
The big story of the day is Gary’s catch here. He caught this 12 pound ling fishing a custom ling rig with anchovies in front of the harbor outside the whistle buoy in about 70-80 feet of water. This is the largest fish we saw today, so Gary is the highliner – congratulations! He also had eight nice browns to round out his catch. To add intrigue to the whole thing, he said he lost a huge halibut which straightened his hooks in the same area – his guess was 40 pounds. Definitely intriguing – this is just ouside the same area some others were saying was productive just a few weeks ago.

On the wharf today – not much going on. We saw some king fish, some walleyes, and some shiners. We’re still anxiously awaiting the arrival of some bait.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Maybe if you bribe them they will tow you around

Anthony and Bubba and brown, cabezon, and grass cod
Anthony and Bubba sampled the area hot spots and scraped up this nice collection of rock fish. Pictured here you see a brown, a cabezon, and two grass cod – these were caught using swim baits in and around kelpy reefs. They noted that the bite was a late one – it started happening for them after noon sometime.

Another couple of our regulars spent most of the day out on their canoe fishing the kelp beds as well, and they actually landed a huge mess of fish (two limits). However, they didn’t really have the gear to keep the fish in good shape after they caught it, and pretty much all of the catch got leatherbacked. So – we’re not going to take a picture of a pile of essentially pre-cooked fish and therefore you don’t have to believe us if you don’t want to (but it’s true).

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Capitola: Early bird re-evaluates the worm thing

Dave and  copper and gopher
Here’s Dave with the copper and gopher cod he caught today fishing off surfers reef. It was slim pickins in the morning for just about everyone on the water. We heard the cries of wild skunks over the radio as salmon hunters came up empty handed – and closer to home it wasn’t much better. Dave’s catch here was exemplary of the kind of stuff we saw on most boats today. Locals did better as they pulled some tricks out of the bag. That translated into Darn Glenn kinda fishing, as you’ll see…..

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