Capitola: Go west young angler

Gary and ling and brown
The big story of the day is Gary’s catch here. He caught this 12 pound ling fishing a custom ling rig with anchovies in front of the harbor outside the whistle buoy in about 70-80 feet of water. This is the largest fish we saw today, so Gary is the highliner – congratulations! He also had eight nice browns to round out his catch. To add intrigue to the whole thing, he said he lost a huge halibut which straightened his hooks in the same area – his guess was 40 pounds. Definitely intriguing – this is just ouside the same area some others were saying was productive just a few weeks ago.

On the wharf today – not much going on. We saw some king fish, some walleyes, and some shiners. We’re still anxiously awaiting the arrival of some bait.

May 1, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Keeny G - May 2, 2010

    I won’t fish with anything less than 4/0 gorilla live bait or 3x treble rigs tied with a stinger hook. If unsure spend a couple bucks a buy one made by the local pros tied up at Capitola. Ed has been making these rigs for years and for obvious reason. A 40lb flattie on a heavy drag can bend amazingly strong hooks.

    Although this more than likely female halibut escaped have heart in knowing she will produce thousands of off spring who will have a chance to grow up and repeat the cycle.

    It is always a tough battle to choose a strong enough hook to hold a beast like a 40lb halibut and not a rust proof tempered hook that if broken off may stay lodged to the fishes demise. The thrill of fighting a 40lb halibut and personally seeing a 40lb halibut will keep a person coming back for more for eons.

    Maybe in a couple years if hooked again it will be a 50lber
    given the unique lifestyle of halibut. Some fresh ling strips in the fryer,tarter sauce and a couple cold ones always eases the one that got away.

    Have faith it will happen again if you put in the time.

    The lings yesterday were found in a little deeper water than predicted up to 100 feet and deeper.

    Lots of brownies for those in the know fishing near bottom with anchovies in the kelp. The fishing will get better each day here on out until winter storms start so load the reels with new line pick you poison(fish of choice) and get it done.

    P.S.: A doctors excuse to eat leaner healthier foods such as fresh fish is always a valid excuse to make time for a little fishing to the reluctant spouse.