Capitola: Darn Glenn breaks a sweat

Our highliner for today is Darn Glenn; we’re having some trouble posting his photo and we’re very tired so this is just a text post – sorry.

In the picture you’re not viewing, Glenn is holding a nice 26 inch lingcod. But it did not come easy for him. He fished all day long and pulled out his entire bag of tricks for this ling and 8 assorted rock cod. It was a slow day for rock fish just about everywhere. One theory goes something like this: too much current. We did have a funky big current flowing today – maybe up to 3 knots. That’s a pretty decent amount of movement, and maybe that freaks the fish out. Who knows. Anyway he caught this one using a swim bait off O’Neil’s, and it is a fine catch. But, Glenn, we expect better from you, so get back on the horse dude.

May 2, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Keeny G - May 4, 2010

    Heard it here first thresher sharks are in and willing to bite. The offshore bait situation is most likely responsible for this usual nomadic offshore hunter looking for some easy dinned on the inner grounds.

    They jump and are premier fighters. The threshers will also take a sardine or bigger size frozen anchovy dangled under a bobber and 4/0 live bait hook, if the swell or current is to fast,bigger bobber with a sliding weight rigged in between.

    The are from sponge bob to the cement ship is primo area to try for threshers,new brighton was really good last year if memory recalls. Add another mongo halibut to the list taken this time a 25lber on a shrimp fly? Go figure,shows like I said earlier they are here, we just need the live chovies or sardines to show up and bust this year open with a bang