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Capitola: I think I have a date with those kelp beds tomorrow

Myron and flattie and brown
Well well well – that little spot between the kelp beds is kinda starting to look real nice! Myron the Mariner and Pistol Pete went on a three hour tour starting at about one this afternoon. They were fishing over in the same area that JoJo and Larry were working this morning, and woop dee do, Pete hooked up on this nice legal flattie! (which Myron is holding here cuz Pete is shy today). This one bit on a frozen anchovy on a halibut rig. Congratulations Pete (wherever you are).

They went out and fished the area around Sponge Bob too; Myron managed to scare up a few nice browns there as well.

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Capitola: After a couple million years, silence looses its lustre…

Jojo and flattie
Here’s JoJo displaying his halibut — that Larry netted for him. Larry would be displaying his own halibut, but JoJo was unable to reciprocate the favor and in fact farmed that baby. They were fishing the edges of Capitola reef in the kelp early this morning when all the action happened. They caught two limits of rock cod – mostly grass cod and some browns – and the halibut you see here along with the halibut you don’t.

We had two rental boats out as well – they each caught a few small rock cod which they released. These were a later bite – around noon to 1 pm. Still – they had a much better day than the three boats that we rented in Santa Cruz – they got blown off the water before noon (Capitola often has the advantage of better protection from the northwest winds).

Bait did not come in as close as yesterday though we did see quite a few pinheads in the marina this morning. There have been a few people trying for stripers and halibut off the wharf – no luck yet.

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Please stand by..

We are going to have a post for today asap – it seems we’re still plagued by the bug that nailed us the other day. I’ll post the updates as soon as I fix the problem.В  Teaser: halibut around the kelp!

I hope to have this fixed in an hour or two, but don’t lay any bets please.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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ReportTroller update: Boccie Boy Bait

The Boccie Boy Bait fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Slackers! Deadbeats! Loafers!

That’s us – bringing you the best of yesterday’s News today. We call it the Olds – it makes us feel better when we’ve been bad.

Though in our defense, there’s not much to say about yesterday. It was a beautiful day, so being on the water was very nice. But not a lot of action. Here’s what we mean:

Ed went out yesterday and started off the day with some sardines. He jigged them up just outside the marina. Then he tried some halibut fishing around the edges of the kelp bed. This yielded one slightly short maybe-even-legal ling. Then he went out a bit deeper – by the mile buoy – and hooked up on an 18 inch salmon on a live sardine. That’s it for Ed. The stenographer caught a brown just big enough to spice his rice. We had two rentals out yesterday, and they both got skunked. The only real success story for yesterday was a report we heard of a 27 pound halibut being caught uut of the harbor in one of the usual places.

So really – the only shining rays of hope to take away from all this are 1) there are sardines around outside the marina and 2) shallow salmon!

We will endeavour to be more timely in the future – our apologies for the tardiness.

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