Capitola: It is getting to be about that time

Harry and jacksmelt
Here’s another bit of evidence as to the fact that things are picking up around here. Harry caught this enormous jacksmelt midway on the wharf this afternoon. At least as exciting as that is the fact that some larger-than-pinhead anchovies were brought up off the wharf today as well. Woot! It’s not a striper – yet – but one follows the other so it may be quite soon.

Elsewhere around the marina we saw a really nice sized ball of bait getting worked over by a bunch of pelicans and cormorants. We’re not quite sure what they were – could have been anything from pinheads to sardines, but regardless this was really the first large-ish persistent type ball we’ve seen in here so far this year.

We have only had a few rentals out today and they didn’t come back with anything. One reported catching some sardines out by Sponge Bob and having missed a strike or two. Right now we’re waiting for Myron the Mariner to pull another one out of his hat from the hot spot between the kelp beds. We will let you know if it happens.

Meanwhile out in deeper waters, word is that salmon fishing is off the proverbial hook. Sheriff Larry came in with limits almost before he left (he said he had his limit within 20 minutes of dropping his first PHHBARF). The radio backs up this scenario – with everyone reporting fish at a much more reasonable 60-70 feet down (but still out in deep water).

So: spring is progressing nicely. So far all the components for a great season are checking in as scheduled. Come on down and get a hook or two wet – it’s getting to be about that time.

One last item: THE FLOATING DOCK WILL BE FULLY OPERATIONAL TOMORROW MORNING!! The stenographer will be thrilled as this shortens his commute immensely.

May 6, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Keeny G - May 6, 2010

    Still wish I had a means to jpeg this web site to proof of fish caught? Halibut will take the smaller 4inch catalina fish trap and there is actually anchovies just big enough to put a small size 4 steelhead size hook into with instantly killing them. The rockfish chew these up so fast the halibut don’t get a chance, the fat little greedy rockfish are relentless but how can you complain. Good to see more halibut in the mix. If you want a flattie come early early and if live bait is not available don’t freak out dead anchovies rigged with nose hook and stinger are hitting flatties and a few lings.

    The 1 ounce lead head blue black white colored fishtrap called a catalina fish trap working just fine for a few nice flatties to 8lbs or so 26-27inchers all males. I go with the infamous M.C Hammer rap artist ” I love big buts and I can not lie” someone should make a silk screen shirt with a mongo halibut and the capitola wharf in the background