Capitola: Fishing was so good yesterday…

Terry and Larry and salmon
…that you could practically walk on the 130 boats that were out there not catching anything this morning. We know there were 130 boats because Kim was so bored sitting around on Kurtis’ boat not catching fish that she counted them all.

There were however a lucky few who got in on the bite early. Terry went out with Larry again today and caught these two here – not a limit but they released two undersized as well. They were using a blue kajiki behind a red hot spot 60-80 feet down in 280 feet of water. Larry is definitely on a role. Or is overbrimming with pure skill. Or his yellow sweatshirt is truly a magical item. Regardless: congratulations once again Larry and Terry.

May 7, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Keeny G - May 8, 2010

    When the force is with you,use those jedi fishing skills of intuition and by god the force is definitely with some just where to place their bait at the right level.

    The 350ft mud dragging game is over thank god. Nicer size and more consistently nicer size fish on the salmon as well.

    Halibut are getting hungrier and more are finding the way to dinner tables as the guest of honor. Sardine numbers seem to getting bigger as well. All good signs of good stuff to come.

    There is a restriction on days of the week for salmon fishing. one fish basically pays for a trip with the cost of salmon so now is the time to get them while their up higher in the water column.

    Lots of good reports on watermelon apexs,purple kajikis, and as mentioned some seem to have the jedi force with them picking limits.

    striped bass are getting thicker on southern beaches and moving further north. Capitola should hit some of these 7-10lbers very soon. would not be surprised at all to see it happen during this weekend