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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Annnnddd finally….

Bill and lingcod
Here’s Bill with our nearshore highliner of the day – a nice 13 pound ling! Bill was fishing with his friend Jeff in Jeff’s raft when he caught this baby. He was using a white swim bait and fishing the holes of the kelp bed by the marina. This was entirety of the their catch today, but wow – nice fish! Congratulations Bill!

On the wharf today we didn’t see much action. We did see some people jigging up small anchovies – some larger than a pinhead – toward the end and the west side of the wharf. There were a few jacksmelt and some shiner perch as well, all out toward the end. We continue to wait – verrryyyy patiently – for someone to yell out for the net. Given the way things woke up today away from the wharf, we’re sure it will be soon.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and our fearless leader has given Ed license to do whatever he wants to help you celebrate the day with your mom. Ed is giddy with power, and so it is in the spirit of megalomania that Ed wishes to offer $20 off an all day rental for anyone who takes their mom out on the the water tomorrow. We hope Frank survives and Ed continues with us in the same capacity as he does now. See you tomorrow!

[edit - clarification]В  That’s $20 off an all day skiff rental if you bring your mom, only at the Capitola store.

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Capitola: Tilo brings in a close second

Tilo and lingcod
Here’s Tilo with his 10 pound ling. He was fishing with Jeremy out by O’Neil’s with anchovies on a halibut rig. They also caught one limit of rock cod – mostly grass with a few bolina and one copper. We are running out of words for the day so sorry for the short post. But: congratulations Tilo!

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Capitola: Max has trained Darn Glenn well

Max and Darn Glenn and mess of fish
Max took Darn Glenn fishing today, and of course here’s the requisite Darn Glenn mess o fish. Glenn stayed close to home today and fished out by the mile reef. He was using a channel island swim bait and fishing the rocks out there. He caught his limit of rock fish – all nice browns, and he caught one legal ling. He released 5 short lings as well. We expect no less from Glenn, so really move along, nothing to see here. Well – except for Max – he’s becoming quite the angler – he’ll hop in any boat that looks like it’s headed out there these days. Go Max Go.

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Capitola: It is already starting with Sheriff Larry

Terry and salmon
First it was innocently enough just a bit of griping about Terry taking up boat time. Now it’s all ‘I strongly dislike Terry at the moment’ (we kid of course).

Here’s Terry with the fish that highlined Larry’s boat today – a nice 14 pounder. They were fishing the same area – out on the west edge of the canyon – with the same 150+ boats using the same PHHBARF. The only difference is that today some were caught even shallower than yesterday – up to 30 feet.

Of special note: some silvers (coho salmon) are starting to show up in the mix as well, so be sure you know your salmon if you’re out there. It could be a that you don’t get to keep. You can easily identify a coho by looking at where the teeth connect to the gums – if you see white there, that’s a silver. Another identifying characteristic is that if you run your fingers backwards along the tail fin, a coho’s will feel like the edge of a dime (1210). King salmon have smooth tails. Finally – on a sunny day they look somewhat lime green as opposed to a king salmon’s darker blue.

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Capitola: What a difference a day makes!

Nigel and brown and lingcod
Wow – we have a cornucopia of posts for today, so let’s get started shall we.

Here’s Nigel with the first nice catch of the day. He was fishing out past the mile reef and picked up this bolina rock cod using anchovies on a halibut rig and in the same area picked up a king fish. He used the king fish as bait out by the mile reef, and it graciously produced this legal ling cod. Now get this: Nigel was only out for one hour today! He started around 11:00 and finished up around noon. Awesome catch Nigel – congratulations.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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