Capitola: Annnnddd finally….

Bill and lingcod
Here’s Bill with our nearshore highliner of the day – a nice 13 pound ling! Bill was fishing with his friend Jeff in Jeff’s raft when he caught this baby. He was using a white swim bait and fishing the holes of the kelp bed by the marina. This was entirety of the their catch today, but wow – nice fish! Congratulations Bill!

On the wharf today we didn’t see much action. We did see some people jigging up small anchovies – some larger than a pinhead – toward the end and the west side of the wharf. There were a few jacksmelt and some shiner perch as well, all out toward the end. We continue to wait – verrryyyy patiently – for someone to yell out for the net. Given the way things woke up today away from the wharf, we’re sure it will be soon.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and our fearless leader has given Ed license to do whatever he wants to help you celebrate the day with your mom. Ed is giddy with power, and so it is in the spirit of megalomania that Ed wishes to offer $20 off an all day rental for anyone who takes their mom out on the the water tomorrow. We hope Frank survives and Ed continues with us in the same capacity as he does now. See you tomorrow!

[edit - clarification]В  That’s $20 off an all day skiff rental if you bring your mom, only at the Capitola store.

May 8, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Keeny G - May 9, 2010

    Have faith the striped bass and halibut are here!!! Fished off New Brighton and saw mid size sardines getting blown up by stripers rolling on them and a few halibut going airborn slapping their tails at the bait.

    Hooked a thresher shark that went air born and snapped by 14lb suffix mono hybrid line like it was thread. It was cool to watch the fish go airborn.

    The stripers must be stuffed given the volume of bait. Hand in their Capitola will hit fish really soon.