Capitola: It is already starting with Sheriff Larry

Terry and salmon
First it was innocently enough just a bit of griping about Terry taking up boat time. Now it’s all ‘I strongly dislike Terry at the moment’ (we kid of course).

Here’s Terry with the fish that highlined Larry’s boat today – a nice 14 pounder. They were fishing the same area – out on the west edge of the canyon – with the same 150+ boats using the same PHHBARF. The only difference is that today some were caught even shallower than yesterday – up to 30 feet.

Of special note: some silvers (coho salmon) are starting to show up in the mix as well, so be sure you know your salmon if you’re out there. It could be a that you don’t get to keep. You can easily identify a coho by looking at where the teeth connect to the gums – if you see white there, that’s a silver. Another identifying characteristic is that if you run your fingers backwards along the tail fin, a coho’s will feel like the edge of a dime (1210). King salmon have smooth tails. Finally – on a sunny day they look somewhat lime green as opposed to a king salmon’s darker blue.

May 8, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports