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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Santa Cruz: weather delays

well not looking good
Well with the weather like it is not much we can do.

Should be some nice weather to come though.

last couple of days were really good for us.

just a little recap, Fri., Sat., Sun. we had a 18lb. 36in. lingcod caught out by

lighthouse on a home made hand line with anchovies around 1pm.,

also had 3 more come in 1. 16lb. 32in., 2. 8lbs. 28in., and 3 . a 6lb. 26in.

all out by lighthouse early morning. among those we had 1 cabezone,

1 greenling, and 2 halibut 1. 10lbs 30in., and 2. a 12lb. 32in. all caught

on anchovies early morning. Also had alot of vermilions come in.

So the fish are here lets hope good old mother nature lets up a little so we can

enjoy them. More updates as they come in. Thanks.

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