Santa Cruz: weather delays

well not looking good
Well with the weather like it is not much we can do.

Should be some nice weather to come though.

last couple of days were really good for us.

just a little recap, Fri., Sat., Sun. we had a 18lb. 36in. lingcod caught out by

lighthouse on a home made hand line with anchovies around 1pm.,

also had 3 more come in 1. 16lb. 32in., 2. 8lbs. 28in., and 3 . a 6lb. 26in.

all out by lighthouse early morning. among those we had 1 cabezone,

1 greenling, and 2 halibut 1. 10lbs 30in., and 2. a 12lb. 32in. all caught

on anchovies early morning. Also had alot of vermilions come in.

So the fish are here lets hope good old mother nature lets up a little so we can

enjoy them. More updates as they come in. Thanks.

May 10, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Keeny G - May 11, 2010

    Ask and you shall receive,today 5-11-2010 is really nice weather wise. Yes there is a lot more vermilion rock fish this year and being early in the year as the water temp warms up that magical few degrees and the whole cycle of phytoplankton and diatoms(micro life blooms) the bait comes and this is probably the year we see salmon caught in what traditionally was called the lane between the cement ship and the Capitola wharf.

    Popsicle anchovies (frozen) have worked just fine when the sardines are not available but I think we have crossed that point when live bait is available to those who know where to look for it on the water.

    I love Murray seabirds as they rarely fail to show where the bait is hanging out. It blows be away how long these birds can hold their breath and come up with a bait.