Capitola: Why does Terry look so darn happy

Terry and salmon
Doubtless Sheriff Larry is scouring his boat for banana remnants today as Terry once again bested him on his own boat. Larry caught his limit but felt chariable as they were only just legal and let them go. Anyway, here’s Terry with his catch – congratulations again Terry!

Salmon fishing in general is still happening in the same area on the west side of the hole 30-80 feet down. The PHHBARF and watermelon Apex’s are king.

Nearer to shore, somewhat of a dissapointing day rental wise; we had NO boats out except for Myron the Mariner (whom we are increasingly referring to as simply Myrn to avoid the whole issue with that second vowel). Myrn did in fact score nicely. He caught a 26 inch ling fishing his soon to be infamous frankenbaits in front of the harbor today.

On the wharf today – much more action! We have many more sardines in the immediate area – especially in the morning. And we had a striper come up after a lure and one that bit on a sardine – both near the beach. Our bait tank is currently stocked full with pinhead anchovies and a few sardines. They are for sale to the highest bidder – talk to Ed.

This weekend looks like it’s going to be a nice one – we look forward to seeing you.

May 13, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports