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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Flatties from the wharf!

Pauli and Halibut
Remember Pauli? We mentioned him the other day when we erroneously named him the proud owner of 24 inch striper. In fact it was Jason with that highliner fish. Today however Pauli is properly in the news as the proud owner of the first legal halibut off the wharf for this season! Pauli and his girlfriend were fishing in the surfline today when they got into these. They were using live sardines, Pauli landed his, and his girlfriend had hers roll up on the beach and spit the hook out. Congratulations Pauli – we’ve been waiting it seems forever for these!

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Capitola: Brooke lands her first salmon ever!!

Brooke and Jim and salmon
Brookie here and her dad Jim had a great time out on the water today, and Brooke caught her first ever salmon in the process! It was actually a larger fish than dad’s, but the way it’s angled in this picture it’s hard to tell. They too beelined over to 52-03 when Larry Leo let the cat out of the bag and nabbed these in short order. Brooke has already mastered this game – she took naps between ’til dad had the hookup ready for her. Congratulations Brooke!!

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Capitola: Pete is pretty sure his IQ went up today

Pete and salmon
Pete appears to be turning over a new leaf. By this we mean – he is catching fish. And not just fish – but a limit of fish. He caught this 16 pounder using a watermelon Apex. Pete we hardly know ye!

There was high drama involved. Larry Leo and JoJo were out fishing at 52-03 and saw a pretty remarkable thing: salmon were rolling around on the top of the water feeding on krill and anchovies. Larry and JoJo caught their limit and radioed the location. Pete didn’t quite hear it so he called Ed who relayed the info. Once there, Pete scored. Our Fearless Leader Frank and Jim (on Jim’s boat) beelined over there as well and also limited out with quality fish, the largest being 22 pounds.

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Capitola: Swim baits capture the highline!

John and Jameson and Marcelo and big lings
Here are John and Jameson and Marcelo with our near shore highliner catch of the day – two very nice lingcod! They caught this on the outer edge of the kelp bed off the point – by O’Neil’s – using swim baits. Congratulations you guys!

We had a kind of a slow Saturday – only a dozen boats went out fishing. But – we didn’t see any boats get skunked and it seemed like no boats had fewer than four fish. Except for the stenographer, who caught three, ran out of bait, and came in. The stenographer will bring more bait next time.

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Capitola: What the heck is that thing??

Jaime and Justin and rock cod and spider crab
Jaime and Justin were fishing Capitola reef using surf leaders with squid chunks today. They landed half a dozen rock cod there along with this hefty spider crab!

Also in the Capitola reef today, Alex’s regular group caught several limits of rock cod and released small ones perhaps as many as three times more than that. They also caught one humongous cabezon. The trend is promising.

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