Capitola: Flatties from the wharf!

Pauli and Halibut
Remember Pauli? We mentioned him the other day when we erroneously named him the proud owner of 24 inch striper. In fact it was Jason with that highliner fish. Today however Pauli is properly in the news as the proud owner of the first legal halibut off the wharf for this season! Pauli and his girlfriend were fishing in the surfline today when they got into these. They were using live sardines, Pauli landed his, and his girlfriend had hers roll up on the beach and spit the hook out. Congratulations Pauli – we’ve been waiting it seems forever for these!

May 15, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Keeny G - May 15, 2010

    The halibut are going off on live sardines if you can get them. The bite is solid with about a fish per person for those who work the live sardines. Great to the wharf score a keeper flattie,this one about a good a dinner as it gets. perfect eater size.

    That flatttie feeds four as the flattie has four strip fillets. or about 24 strip slices for beer battering. More flatties coming in daily. Live sardines seeems to be the hot ticket right now however other bait will work its just a natter of findig the fish.

    The water temp is warm and fish counts getting better each day. to bad the other flattie did the beach roll and spit trick. Gotta trust your netman and their are usually plenty of good fishermen off capitola to assist.

    Should be stripers in the mix any day. There spread out up and down from sunset beach to Santa Cruz loooking for sardine balls.

  2. "kevin" - May 16, 2010

    doom squad 3, valley kooks 0
    halibut 24″ 5-lb
    striper 21″ 5-lb
    striper 27″ 10-lb
    first striper and flattie of the year
    Fish On!
    and stop calling him kevin!

  3. fish - May 17, 2010

    Fising for halibut,rockfish and lingcod all good quality fish being scored on live sardines and fish traps. The Capitola area and reef area up to the oneils house producing nice fat lings,halibut are are solid keepers and a few bizzare size spider crabs that look like the alien hatching from the egg in the movie alien. Some people call them decorator crabs. the legs on these crabs are huge so they have to be spider crabs finding dead squid and bait.

    Fishing season has started and halibut are getting bigger for those willing to find the fish. Kurtis scores again,defenitely time to get out on the water and pick you fish of choice.