Capitola: Pete is pretty sure his IQ went up today

Pete and salmon
Pete appears to be turning over a new leaf. By this we mean – he is catching fish. And not just fish – but a limit of fish. He caught this 16 pounder using a watermelon Apex. Pete we hardly know ye!

There was high drama involved. Larry Leo and JoJo were out fishing at 52-03 and saw a pretty remarkable thing: salmon were rolling around on the top of the water feeding on krill and anchovies. Larry and JoJo caught their limit and radioed the location. Pete didn’t quite hear it so he called Ed who relayed the info. Once there, Pete scored. Our Fearless Leader Frank and Jim (on Jim’s boat) beelined over there as well and also limited out with quality fish, the largest being 22 pounds.

May 15, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports