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Capitola: Stripers set to party night away

Steven and striper
Here’s Steven with his lifetime first striper! Funny story: he was not actually with his fishing pole when it bit! Steven was off toward the bait shop when this thing chomped on his hook. His buddy Miguel took up the fight for him and brought it to the surf line at which point Steven had returned and finished reeling it in.

About a half hour before this someone else had hooked up on one of these, but it wrapped itself around a piling and broke off. Darn.

Still, all this was a late bite; the first fish bit around 5:30, and this one about 6:00; there could still be some action forthcoming. Sardines are hard to catch right now, but there’s still some light left.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: To every cloud there is a silver Angelina shaped lining

Angelina and first fish
Angelina here just caught her first fish ever – an anchovy! You can pretty much see where they’re fishing – just past the fish cleaning station in the middle of the wharf. Congratulations Angelina!!

We have zero – none – null – zippo boats out today. The weather is again kinda questionable with a supposed threat of some soutwesterly weather with supposedly some rain. It’s definitely gloomy and cool. But again there are a fair number of people fishing the wharf and they are catching sardines a-plenty. We are hoping to perhaps see a larger predator yet today – tic toc tic toc. It’s a bit sloooow. This does increase the odds of us posting on time if something relevant happens, however. That, and the guilt.

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Capitola: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Connor and brown rock cod
We, again, were baaaad.

Yesterday Connor here caught this nice brown rock cod fishing with mom and his sisters in a rental. They were fishing just outside the marina at the edges of the kelp bed using a surf leader with strips of squid. Not a bad return on the bait investment! They were one of the *very* few boats we had out yesterday, which is understandable because it was cooooold. And wiiiiiindy. But persistence is key!

For instance, Darn Darn Glenn went out in a rental at the same time that Myron the Mariner and the Stenographer went out searching for maybe a nice ling. Myron and The Typist gave up early – Myrn with a few grass cod, Sir Type A Lot with a brown. But Darn Glenn was not to be outdone. He stayed out ’til he had his limit of rock cod – blacks and browns. Good for you, Darn Glenn.

Yesterday had the effect of a wet blanket on everything – the cold windy thing was not a crowd pleaser. There were a lot of people fishing on the wharf however, and they caught quite a few sardines pretty much everywhere. There was a lot of bait and bait signs all around and in the marina so bait fishing is pretty popular. We’ve already had some people get tangled up with birds, so please remember if there are birds in the line of your cast, *wait* ’til the birds move on.

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Santa Cruz: Sorry for the delay.

Good morning all sorry for the delay in posting how fishing is over here on this side still got some bugs to work out. well this weekend was real decent a lot of nice fish to report. we had a small group come back with some really nice vermillion with good size to them, some other rock fish ranging from blues , blacks, 2 chinas, gophers, and they almost had limit, and 1 lincod 14lbs 30in. 2 more halibut caught also. first one was 29in. 7lb. the second was 33in 10lbs. it seems to be picking up and we saw some pellicans diving around the wharf so the bait just might be coming in. As for the wharf halibut have been caught i say again halibut has been caught! yesterday 2 came in on wharf and reports of a lot of bites have been circulating. i know first hand do to the 12lb hali i caught yesterday after work by our crane in mid evening using a white zoom fluke. once again thanks for your patience and as soon as we get this working we will post all pictures.

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