Capitola: Stripers set to party night away

Steven and striper
Here’s Steven with his lifetime first striper! Funny story: he was not actually with his fishing pole when it bit! Steven was off toward the bait shop when this thing chomped on his hook. His buddy Miguel took up the fight for him and brought it to the surf line at which point Steven had returned and finished reeling it in.

About a half hour before this someone else had hooked up on one of these, but it wrapped itself around a piling and broke off. Darn.

Still, all this was a late bite; the first fish bit around 5:30, and this one about 6:00; there could still be some action forthcoming. Sardines are hard to catch right now, but there’s still some light left.

May 17, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

One Response

  1. Keeny G - May 17, 2010

    Nice fish considering the hanging barometer.
    Its kinda funny in that one day the fish want live bait the next junk food like flukes and plastic lure like fish traps etc.

    A lot of guys looking to get their first seasonal fish of the year. The fish are out there it takes patience and willingness to try something different possibilities if plan (A) isn’t working.

    Maybe have a time schedule planned out to hit the halibut on the incoming tide or work the Soquel hole for Salmon etc.

    whatever plan just stick to it and have faith in yourself.