Santa Cruz: Sorry for the delay.

Good morning all sorry for the delay in posting how fishing is over here on this side still got some bugs to work out. well this weekend was real decent a lot of nice fish to report. we had a small group come back with some really nice vermillion with good size to them, some other rock fish ranging from blues , blacks, 2 chinas, gophers, and they almost had limit, and 1 lincod 14lbs 30in. 2 more halibut caught also. first one was 29in. 7lb. the second was 33in 10lbs. it seems to be picking up and we saw some pellicans diving around the wharf so the bait just might be coming in. As for the wharf halibut have been caught i say again halibut has been caught! yesterday 2 came in on wharf and reports of a lot of bites have been circulating. i know first hand do to the 12lb hali i caught yesterday after work by our crane in mid evening using a white zoom fluke. once again thanks for your patience and as soon as we get this working we will post all pictures.

May 17, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports