Capitola: Stripers right on time

Scooter and striped bass
Scooter caught this nearly 15 pound striper a little while ago down in the surf line using a sardine under a bobber. Looks like the evening bite does not want to miss its appointment. Nice fish Scooter!

Weather here in Capitola has remained defiantly pleasant. Just around the corner in Santa Cruz the northwesterly winds that have accompanied the latest low pressure trough have translated into some uncomfortable time on the water. Pleasure Point has been earning its name however in as much as it’s been sheltering us from the “wrap around” winds that Santa Cruz is seeing. So: fishing in the kelp beds and out to the mile buoy has been pretty nice.

Today was kind of a non started for the few boats that got out on the water. Myron lost a halibut outside the kelp bed on the east side of the marina this morning and never really recovered emotionally. Mike reported what he thought were seabass bites over in the kelp on the west side but brought back no evidence.

All that aside, great weather + plentiful bait are good things. We’ll know more once we get some more hooks into the water this weekend.

May 20, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Fish prowler - May 21, 2010

    The west side story,no pun intend is or as least was for real. While all the members of that group of seabass were not monsters,there were some that would put the best of the best reels to the test.

    The ghosts seemed to be in pre-spawn or spawn mode chasing each other around instead of the bait with some of the bigger breeder females well over 30;bs more likely 40lbers,like four foot size.

    Halibut on the other hand while not mongo’s were accessible and willing to grab a live bait if the rock fish didn’t maul it first.

    There may be a problem tomorrow deciding which fish to target. lots of choices to choose from on fish from salmon to rockfish and everything round or flat in between.

    Quite a few striped bass rolling around in the near by kelp beds on bait and before the low tide unmistakable seabass playing follow the leader and nipping at fish traps and light size white hair raisers in white.

    Not an expert but it looked like smaller ones chasing the bigger ones,maybe a male chasing female fish thing. The biology books and locals say its to early for a spawn but I have seen this behavior in other species of fish on the spawn