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ReportTroller update: Stagnaro Sport Fishing

The Stagnaro Sport Fishing fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Note to self: forget the chinny chin chin thing and stack those bricks

Collan and Leonard and flattie
Leonard played the role of Darn Glenn today as he showed Collan here how to use a live shiner on a slider. They were fishing right next to the handicap parking spot on the wharf at about 1:30 this afternoon when this nine pound flattie decided its jig was up.

Sardines were pretty scarce on the wharf today though they are coming in periodically as the sea lions chase them toward us. There were a lot of shiners to be had – they could be found anywhere from the middle of the wharf to the end.

Collan’s fish here is the first quality fish off the wharf today, and it might just be the best if history repeats itself; there was no late striper bite yesterday. We will of course let you know if it goes differently tonight.

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Capitola: …and I will blowwww your house down!!

Sammay and Darn Glenn and Lings
Our young Padawan Sammay latched onto Darn Glenn’s coat tails today while Darn Glenn hit a few of his double super secret spots. Look what happened! Sam’s ling is about six pounds, and Glenn’s were nine and seven pounds respectively. Plus, you are NOT seeing the limit of rock cod that Darn Glenn caught for himself as well. The lings bit on live sardines, and the rock cod bit on swim baits (Glenn swears by the channel island variety).

We told Glenn that we are going to “bug” his boat with a gps one day. He claims that’s just fine with him. We suspect that this means we’ll find that Glenn somehow catches all these marvelous fish by hanging out all day in the harbor.

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Capitola: …and I will puff…

Wema, Fung, Sam, Ana and two limits
Wema, Fung, Sam, and Ana spent most of the day drifting through the kelp to the east of the wharf and for their trouble ended up with these two nice limits of rock cod! They were using dead anchovies on surf leader setups. They said that the bite picked up around 9:00am and they just kept reeling them in ’til the wind got to be too much. Nice catch you guys!

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Capitola: I will huff!!!

Jeremy and halibut
Here’s Jeremy with the halibut he caught off the mile reef today. He was fishing with his buddies in a rental this morning when this 12 pounder bit on a glow in the dark split tail scampy swim bait. They had a few rock cod in addition to this which they caught off Capitola reef. They would have stayed out by the mile reef longer, but the winds came up just like yesterday and blew everyone in.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Santa Cruz: some of the catch today

this nice Vermillian was 4lbs caught out at south rock this morning before the wind kicked up. fishing with squid and the never fail rockcod rig. nice fish, thanks for posing for a picture even though you wouldn’t give your name.

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Fishes quick reference

We’ve thrown together this quick reference document for the fishes you’re likely to encounter when you fish northern Monterey Bay. You may wish to print a copy of this out before you come; it has photos of the fishes and bag and size limits so you don’t need to spend all day reading the regs. (You should however read the regs – they are the definitive version).

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