Capitola: …and I will blowwww your house down!!

Sammay and Darn Glenn and Lings
Our young Padawan Sammay latched onto Darn Glenn’s coat tails today while Darn Glenn hit a few of his double super secret spots. Look what happened! Sam’s ling is about six pounds, and Glenn’s were nine and seven pounds respectively. Plus, you are NOT seeing the limit of rock cod that Darn Glenn caught for himself as well. The lings bit on live sardines, and the rock cod bit on swim baits (Glenn swears by the channel island variety).

We told Glenn that we are going to “bug” his boat with a gps one day. He claims that’s just fine with him. We suspect that this means we’ll find that Glenn somehow catches all these marvelous fish by hanging out all day in the harbor.

May 23, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports