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Capitola: Fish are excellent weather forecasters

Memo and striper
Not much to report out on the water. Eduardo went Mongering today but could do no better than two measly rock fish (which he caught in between the mile reef and the Capitola reef using live sardines). It was however a very nice day on the water – the wind stayed down for the most part and there was only a moderate southerly swell. Two of our three rentals got skunked, as did Kurtis and Sheriff Larry. The one rental that caught fish ended up with one brown and one copper off the mile reef (they fished there all day).

On the radio today we only heard one thing, which was some guy lying about there being fish off Cypress Point. At the moment the salmon appear to have gone into hiding.

On the wharf today we’ve been seeing all kinds of perch coming up – walleyes and shiners mostly – from the end of the wharf up to the middle gate.

Which brings us to our first late bite winner for today. Memo here caught this nice 6 pounder down close to the beach on a live shiner under a bobber. We apologize for the picture quality – *someone* put the camera into video mode and we had to do a snapshot from that. Ugh. Anwyay – still plenty of light left today – maybe we’ll see more.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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