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Capitola: What is this wet stuff falling from the darn sky??

Travis and flattie
Only one boat today – a private launch. Travis here was on that boat (he’s visiting from somewhere east of here :) ) when they drifted over this little puppy here – a legal flattie! It bit on a white swim bait in close off of Bomborra. This may very well be the highliner fish for the entire north coast of Monterey bay today! We heard nothing on the radio and certainly saw nothing happening nearby. Regardless, congratulations Travis – nice fish!

On the wharf – looked pretty quiet other than some perch, walleyes, and shiners out toward the end. We saw lots of birds and sea lions working bait in the middle of the marina and just outside of it. Looks like everything is just hunkering down for the rain, which we hope will be the last of it for this year. Darn darn darn.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Santa Cruz: looks like another one of those days

well looks like the weather is going to play hard ball. looks like a shut out, had the bases loaded and already 2 outs first pitch was friday STRIKE 1, second pitch was saturday STRIKE 2, 3rd pitch was sunday foul ball, 4th was monday another foul ball, then today looked like maybe we were going to score and then STRIKE 3! GAME OVER!! ENDING SCORE WEATHER 1 BOATS 0. better luck next time.

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