Capitola: Stephie brought the nice weather back!!

Jeff and nice green lingcod
Here’s Jeff with the nine pound ling he just brought in with him. He was fishing off Soquel point along the edge of the kelp in a rental today with a green and white swim bait. This was the only legal ling he caught but he hooked three undersized ones. They also brought in six nice rock cod – a mixture of browns, black and yellows, and coppers – that all bit on the same thing in the same area. Yummay!

On the wharf, things are settling down from the turbulence of the last several days and we’re beginning to see some shiners come up mostly off the end. We didn’t hear of any stripers last night – no doubt they were hiding in their striper bunkers or something (it was kinda rough). We’ve seen some sea lions and dolphins working small pockets of bait both inside and outside the marina, so we should be seeing bait off the wharf again pretty soon.

As you can see, we have nice weather! Our girl Stephanie brought it back with her from Boston and we are overjoyed. This afternoon the warming they’ve been talking about has started – it’s very nice outisde right now. By tomorrow from what they’re saying we should be having seasonable temperatures. FINALLY!!

Reservations are starting to fill up, but there’s still room. Get on the horn and reserve if you’re looking forward to some nice time on the water.

May 28, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports