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Capitola: Good day to start that diet!!

Steve and halibut
Here’s Steve with the one-inch-better-than-legal halibut he caught fishing Capitola reef along the edge of the kelp bed today. It bit on a live sardine which he had jigged up earlier.

Lest you get too excited about this, you should be aware that this little feller is by far the largest fish that we saw today. On other rentals it was a onesy-twosy rock cod kind of day, with one exception being a rental that caught a collection of small ones. Unfortunately we had a technical problem w/ the photo (it got deleted) – sorry guys.

On the wharf, not one bit better – shiners and walleyes, all mostly at the end of the wharf.

Bait wise, around 10 this morning we saw some sea lions and cormorants working something in the middle of the marina, and some cormorants working outside as well. Bait is around but is still spotty – the best report we had was from Jim who had some pretty good luck jigging some up by the ship today.

Speaking of the ship. one rental that was out just sightseeing had a real treat today when they came across a humpback whale over there – pretty cool!

All in all, a great day to be on the water so long as you weren’t planning to fatten up on fish. The weather was amazing, particularly in contrast to what has preceded it all this month. Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer still, so if nothing else you can get a good start on that tan.

Finally, despite the stenographer’s extreme reluctance to do so, he must point out that there are still plenty of moorings available in the marina, and you’re fully within your rights to come on over here and mess up his glorious pristine scenery with your whatever sort of boat you happen to have laying around. He has been made to promise that he will be nice about it and will in fact do his best to ensure that your stay is a pleasant one.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Archive rendering

Also noticed that the archive page didn’t render the full article – fixed. When you go back in time past the current front page you’ll see full articles rendered now.

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Capitola: Time stamps

I just realized that fishing report posts weren’t showing their time stamp. Fixed.

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