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Capitola: Do these things punch a clock?

Billy and striped bass
Right on time for the evening bite, here’s Billy with his 24 inch striped bass. He caught this down by the surf line using a live sardine under a bobber.

Whence the sardines, you ask? Some good samaritan – possibly Kurtis – dumped a whole bunch of them into the bait tank by the shop here. Whoever did that – thank you!

We probably aren’t going to post any more pictures today but if there are more caught on the wharf tonight we’ll mention it tomorrow.

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Capitola: But how are they with maintaining a planetary orbit?

Steve Dave Brian and lings and rock cod
Steve, Dave, and Brian here took the most tricked out kayaks we have ever seen out for a spin today in and around the Capitola Reef kelp bed. In keeping with today’s theme of abundance they hooked up on no fewer than three nice lings and a mess of brown rock cod. They were using live sardines on a rig that we’re not really sure of, and possibly some swim baits. Congratulations you guys!

Obviously today was a red letter day. Fishing could hardly have been better, and the weather continues to be about as good as it gets in these parts. Absolutely amazing. We are most definitely hoping that this is a trend.

Tomorrow you can again use boat bucks – just print one out and come on down.

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Capitola: We continue apace…

Tyler and lingcod
Here’s Tyler with the ling he brought in from the kelp bed straight off the wharf. Its last act was to chomp down on a dead anchovy, which it did sometime between one and two this afternoon. Nice fish!

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Capitola: Butters breaks in his notepad

(note that this was supposed to have been posted a couple hours ago – we had a network glitch so this one is a “repost”)

Our new wharf cub correspondent Butters has his first report for us:

Bait remains a bit scarce around the wharf – they could be gotten but you had to work for it. There were a fair number of perch – mostly shiners – being caught though nothing like a banner day. We again wait for the evening bite – if it goes anything like the halibut bite on the other boats did today, it’ll be off the charts though of course one has little to do with the other.

Thank you Butters!

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: The big ones do not always get away

Zack and Scott and cabezon and halibut
Zack and Scott fished off our kayaks today outside the first kelp bed straight off the wharf. They were using frozen anchovies on halibut rigs and had no gaff! Scott said he grabbed the flattie by the tail and it took off – he thought he’d lost it. We are not exactly sure how he in fact landed it, but awesome catch!

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Capitola: Good stuff in the shallows as well

Brandon and flatties
Brandon started out his day on his kayak by jigging up bait inside the marina here, then went on over to New Brighton to fish the shallows there. Egads – halibut!! He also had a couple of stripers roll on his bait over there.

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Capitola: Sponge Bob is sick of this homeless thing

Colin family and lings and limits
The Colins family is having some fun today – here they are in their rental just off the wharf with a lingcod and at least one limit of rock cod. They were fishing at the location that Ed intends to be the new Sponge Bob spot – looks pretty good so far.

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Capitola: Someone done flipped a switch

Roberto and halibut
It is kind of off the hook so far today – here is Roberto with a 12 pound halibut. He caught this off Black’s point using frozen anchovies on a halibut rig. We have more. Much more.

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