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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Stenography For The Win!!

Stenographer and lingcod
The stenographer is quite pleased with himself today. This 25 inch ling became food for several days after about 10:15 this morning when it bit on a live sardine that was stealthfully hiding a halibut rig. Nice catch, me!

Sardines were scattered but jiggable just outside the marina this morning, and were plentiful off potbelly beach all morning and into the afternoon. Some quite large jacksmelt were outside the marina this morning as well.

Halibut wise we’ve not yet heard any good news aside from the tidbit where Farmer John farmed one in the shallows off Bomborra just a couple hours ago. Weather is awesome though.

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Capitola: Ed gave them the bait, it must count for something right?

Bryn and Gabe and halibut
Bryn and Gabe highlined the heck out of everyone today with these two flatties that they caught off a rental. They were fishing Capitola reef using live sardines and these bit sometime between 10 and 11 this morning. Lots of jealous folks around here – nice job you guys!

Last night the remainder of that southern swell moved through and mixed things up though it laid down sometime in the very early morning. Bait this morning was very scarce around the wharf and through the marina. It could be found however over by potbelly beach and there were spots here and there that were jiggable if you used a fish finder. Bait appears to have moved back to just outside the marina (or it is in the process of doing so), so hopefully a return to normality tomorrow.

Wind stayed down most of the day ’til the fog cleared out, so if this pattern stays around for a few days, earlier is better. It was in fact quite nice fishing this morning.

The wharf has been pretty uneventful – in fact we’ve heard nothing from anyone. It’s probably better than “nothing” but we don’t know of it.

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Capitola: First some olds for you

Ruby and spider crab
This is actually from last night.

Here’s Ruby with the first thing she’s ever caught from the ocean – a really weird looking spider crab! She caught this on a bait jig, the crab came up with a little snail as well. She was very happy with her catch and went skipping home after she caught this. Maybe next time it’ll be a fish!

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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sorry sorry sorry.

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Capitola: Well not much for this afternoon but…

This evening the sardines are every where and from what i understand there has been a striped bass caught off the wharf. So i’m on my way to investigate. i’ll keep you informed. happy fishing!!

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Skunk a doodle dooooo

We have no good news today, just supposition:

A swell from the south moved in last night and has been only slowly diminishing through the day. The few boats we’ve had out have had no luck. Bait has been scattered and there’s not a lot of biting going on.

The swell is forecast to be gone by tomorrow – things should improve after that.

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Capitola: Oh darn

Allen and rock fish and flattie
Allen wrote this guest blog entry for us last Friday — and then realized he didn’t have our email address. No prob – he got that from us Saturday and sent it. And then we forgot to check the mail. Arrgh. Well Allen, sometimes we’re more “Olds” than “News” here :).

Allen’s entry:

Friday was another good day on the Bay. You would think that Allen should know how to hold a fish for a Photo-Op by now. Like so much else in his life, he tends to take a sideways approach. Allen had Brian Henrickson as a kayak fishing client on Friday. Poking around in the kelp beds with live sardines an a rat-trap rig resulted in a few fat kelp rockfish, and this 8-pound halibut. They caught and released four underlings as well, which bodes well for Fall fishing! Much like our vaunted Stenographer, Henrickson apparently prefers anonymity, or perhaps the “Photographer” may need some more practice?

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Capitola: Maybe it is the hat???

Chris and halibut
Chris highlined size wise today with this halibut he caught fishing from a rental inside the yellow buoy in front of O’Neil’s. He was using live sardines on a halibut rig and it bit this morning about 8:00am. We literally saw no other halibut today – even Kurtis and Josh got flat out skunked. So Chris here really has some lucky stars lined up today. This one was 28 inches long. Nice fish Chris!

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Capitola: Oh No – Pepe done moved back in

Kyle and rock fish
Kyle and his dad Jeff highlined on sheer poundage today; they brought in two limits of rock cod on their rental for the three people on the boat.

Most boats did not do nearly as well. With the exception of three boats that came in with onesy twosy type rock cod catches, every other rental flew the skunk flag today. Darn darn darn!

Kyle’s boat stayed out an extra half hour and were one of the last boats in, and they said that the fish bit late. So it looks like the problem was that it was just a late bite. Regardless, kind of a bummer though it was another beautiful day on the water.

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Capitola: Ed is suddenly self conscious about that pile of chain there

Kathy and halibut
Kathy with a K did some pedalling today on a hydrobike and happened to cross paths with this 27 inch flatty. She was fishing on the west side of the wharf using a live sardine on a halibut rig. Nice catch Kathy!

Elsewhere on the ocean, bait it seems has come back. With a vengeance! They were thick near the edge of the marina this morning. It took a while for the sea lions to get on it this morning – once they did they pushed everything toward the wharf though we didn’t see much bait coming up off the end in the morning. But it’s still around – pelicans were diving off the west side of the wharf this afternoon.

Most boats did well fishing close to the kelp today. There were a few (three) rental boats that ventured out further – Adam’s reef, mile reef, and Boomer reef. That is where Pepe has been hiding it seems, for they had no luck. Near the kelp however we saw grass cod as you’ve seen, and a few very nice browns.

Weather was great – foggy this morning calm seas and light wind. It really stayed that way ’til about 12:30 when the fog cleared. But the winds stayed down after that anyway – so just a great day on the water. Hopefully tomorrow will be another one.

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Capitola: Mimo is hogging all the fish man

Mimo and striper
Here’s Mimo with his second striper of the year! He caught this 16 pounder down in the surf line off the wharf using a live sardine under a bobber. It only took him about 10 minutes – he came down about 3:30 this afternoon, got a couple bait out of the tank, lobbed it out there, and fish on. This is the only striper we’ve seen off the wharf today.

Ed is commenting just now that this kinda looks like a native fish – note that it has no broken stripes. Pretty nice catch Mimo!

Elsewhere on the wharf today – not much other than perch (walleyes and shiners), a big bat ray, and some sardines (though they stayed more toward the outside and toward the west).

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Capitola: The little engine that could

Kevin and halibut and grass cod
Kevin’s day started a little rocky – the motor on his skiff wouldn’t start. The stenographer turned a few screws and got it running for him, and his luck seems to have done a 180 since then. Though the stenographer takes nooo credit. He’s just a wrench monkey, man.

Anyway, he caught these fishing, you guessed it, the edge of the kelp bed near Bomborra off Capitola reef. He was using live sardines on halibut rigs. Nice catch Kevin! Where’s my fillet?? ;)

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Capitola: Looks like Pepe took a rain check today

Candy and Chelsea and two grass cod
Candy and Chelsea went out and caught these two grass cod off Capitola reef. This is about as well as most of our rentals did today (we had 12 out fishing). They caught these a little more in toward Bomborra, which is a usual haunt for grass cod. YOu can see – one in particular is a pretty decent sized fish. They were using squid bits on rock cod jigs. Nice catch you two!

There’s always an exception to the rule by the way – Alex’s group consisted three boats of four people each today, and each boat ended up with two limits fishing Capitola reef. We expect no less from them.

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ReportTroller update: Stagnaro Sport Fishing

The Stagnaro Sport Fishing fishing report has been updated!

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