Capitola: The Kens Have It

Ken and lingcod
sorry – this is late – technical difficulties – sorry]

Here’s another Ken with another nice catch! This ling bit its last bite in the area just outside the kelp that’s been so generous the last few days. Unfortunately they didn’t have any other action – this one bit at 9:30 this morning and they didn’t get so much as a bite after that.

There are a *lot* of sardines in the middle of the marina right now – they’re keeping to themselves though, staying clear of the wharf for now. They’ve been ranging in size from 8-11 inches, which puts them into the category of meals-unto-themselves.

Not much happening on the wharf today – a few perch here and there, no stripers or flatties. We’re still hearing about tons of stripers coming in up around the ship – it’d be nice to get a taste of that around here. We are hoping that this little annoying swell will move out soon, as it is a likely suspect.

It is supposed to be a gorgeous weekend – if you have some time come on down.

June 4, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports