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Capitola: Like Disneyland on the wharf

Michelle and Jacky
Michelle and Jacky caught these black perch midway on the wharf using surf leaders and little chunks of shrimp. We saw a lot of action today with kids running up and down the wharf with walleyes, shiners, bullheads, and sandsoles flopping around on their fishing poles. This came in concert with the sardines finally moving back in toward the wharf – we saw bait jigs with onesy and twosy sardines on them – the big ones.

Once again today we saw lots and lots of sardines in the morning from the middle to the outside edge of the marina. They were making that “rain” sound they make when they’re jumping out of the water. Fish finders showed it pretty thick (but a keen eye can eschew the fish finder altogether – the water just looks dark). The bait hung around and remained jiggable all day, plus as we mentioned it moved in toward the wharf.

It was a beautiful day again today – the winds stayed calm in the morning under sunny skies. We do still have a bit of that pesky southern swell, which probably explains the slowness of the day. But – who cares – the sun was great!

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Capitola: Yooo Hooo – Sheriff Larrrryyyyyy

Maverick and Greg and striper
Sheriff Larry left too early today. He’s not gonna be happy…

Maverick’s dad Greg here hooked up on this 8 pound striper fishing a live sardine on a sliding rig outside the break between the security gate and the beach. It looks like a striper bite basically started around 3:30 which is when this was caught. Since then there have been two additional fish caught – Miquel caught them – they were both smaller than this. The bite may be ongoing – we’re not sure.

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Capitola: Ed farmed the photo ops today

Josh and boat
Josh here picked up this 8 pound halibut out in front of O’Neil’s house using a shrimp fly rig laced with chunks of anchovies. This is all he caught today, but things were a bit slow all over so this actually almost makes him a highliner contender. Darn Glenn and his son Darn Josh however, probably get that slot. They came in with two halibut and a mess of rock cod between them.

Remember Ken from yesterday? His buddy came out today on his kayak and caught two stripers and one flattie. So for now, it’s a tie. Unfortunately we don’t have a photo of this cuz we were kinda busy. But we look forward to the competition :)

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Capitola: Who was that masked man

Jim and The Salmon
Here’s Jim with (as far as we know) the only salmon caught on the east side of the hole today. It was at 50-54 in 230 feet of water, 230 feet on the wire. It bit on a purple haze behind a red hot spot flasher.

Jim had one other hit, but he was happy with this one and called it a day. Given what the rest of the fleet-of-five was saying, that was a good decision. Congratulations Jim!

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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ReportTroller update: Boccie Boy Bait

The Boccie Boy Bait fishing report has been updated!

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