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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: Who would want to live anywhere else?

John and first striper of year
John here gets the final post for today. He caught this striper using a live sardine under a bobber down by the surf line around three this afternoon.

The swell is down today, and as we suspected the fishing is beginning to improve. The tally as far as we know it is two stripers landed, one farmed, and one waiting to be photographed. We are pretty tired though – it might not happen. Ed needs that second ^H^H^H^H^H^H third wind and to this stenographer’s eyes that’s not gonna happen.

Just to be explicit about it: the weather continues to be magnificent. Tomorrow starts another work week, but if you feel the need for a day to yourself, cash in some boat bucks and come fishing. You’ll at least get a nice tan and some vitamin D.

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Capitola: Kurtis is eggy today

Alex and his group and a big cabezon
Alexes group hooked up an *another* of those monster cabezon we’ve been seeing today while they were out on their weekly rock fish hunt. This one was abou 22 inches – the cabezon around here must be taking Flintstone vitamins or something. They also outdid everyone including Darn Glenn when it came to rock cod numbers – they had a couple limits of mixed cod and of course Glenn got his. Most boats had one or two – not a particularly good day.

Today once again we had *lots* of sardines in the marina early this morning. It was possible to bring up multiple completely full stringers on bait jigs without very much effort at all. They ranged in size from 8-11 inches.

Halibut fishing was disappointing. Lots of people were looking, few found. The water is definitely warming up though, so things could turn a corner pretty quick. Here’s to hoping.

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Capitola: Bass of a different color for Dan

Dan and striper
Dan caught this very nice 14 pound striper flylining live sardines near the New Brighton beach. This makes Dan today’s highliner! He was so giddy with joy over this fact that he forgot that he cannot walk on water. Details pending ;)

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Capitola: Waiting for the butts to get it in gear

Neil and lingcod
Here’s Neil with one of the few halibut we saw come in off the boats today. This 25 incher bit on a live sardine off the kelp bed toward New Brighton beach.

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Capitola: Stenography is all win win win

Stenographers Lingcod
The stenographer caught another lingcod today – this one out off Pleasure Point in front of O’Neils. It bit on a big freshly dead sardine that he jigged up toward the edge of the marina. I rock.

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Capitola: Butters goes deep for the details

Charles and halibut
Here’s Charles with the halibut he caught today from the wharf just in front of the aquarium. It bit on shimp on a wharf rig. Congratulations, Charles!

Our crack cub wharf reporter Butters again gives us the in depth undercover wharf action report for today:

“Sardines couple stripers oh yeah and a halibut”

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Santa Cruz: to sick to go on

to sick to go on
these two went out early this morning and was fishing out in front of Natural Bridges with anchovies and landed these couple of fish. 1 lingcod and two rockcod not to bad for getting sick and only being out for not more than an hour. will keep you posted thru out the day. thanks.

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ReportTroller update: Boccie Boy Bait

The Boccie Boy Bait fishing report has been updated!

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