Capitola: Kurtis is eggy today

Alex and his group and a big cabezon
Alexes group hooked up an *another* of those monster cabezon we’ve been seeing today while they were out on their weekly rock fish hunt. This one was abou 22 inches – the cabezon around here must be taking Flintstone vitamins or something. They also outdid everyone including Darn Glenn when it came to rock cod numbers – they had a couple limits of mixed cod and of course Glenn got his. Most boats had one or two – not a particularly good day.

Today once again we had *lots* of sardines in the marina early this morning. It was possible to bring up multiple completely full stringers on bait jigs without very much effort at all. They ranged in size from 8-11 inches.

Halibut fishing was disappointing. Lots of people were looking, few found. The water is definitely warming up though, so things could turn a corner pretty quick. Here’s to hoping.

June 6, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

2 Responses

  1. the watcher - June 6, 2010

    weekly’Hunt’ more like a weekly maassacre

  2. Keeny G - June 6, 2010

    It was live sardines or go home on the halibut situation never the less the kelp south of the wharf to New Brighton beach produced doubles on the flatties for a few,some smaller 25-26inches as demonstrated by the one pictured today and a lucky beach angler socking a 32inch halibut on a live sardine towed out a ways by a friendly kayak er. Super nice shore fish

    While some settled for a few rock fish to make dinner several of the plastic navy flotilla(Kayaks)did very respectable in shallow with the live sardines some never got a bite all day. Several with two flatties to show for the days efforts while a few never got a bite all day. Floro carbon users making a strong statement that line viability might of made the difference today since the fish caught were caught shallow today.

    Weather wise it does not get better than this. Beautiful sunny warm conditions with a nice afternoon cool breeze to ease the burn from those who forgot sunscreen.

    Live anchovies would be most welcome but the live sardines in the smaller size doing their job for flattie hunters putting the time in