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Capitola: Late flattie

Jamie and halibut
Jamie just came in with this legal flattie – he caught it over by the eastern kelp bed. Pretty sure this makes him the highliner off the boats today – congratulations Jamie!

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Capitola: It is not malaise – just some world class slacking

Larry and another one
And now on to actual news of the day.

Here’s Larry doing what he does best – showing off his catch. It is a good thing he catches lots of fish her he’d be a lost soul. He caught this 10 pounder off the wharf this morning again with a sardine under a bobber in the surf line.

Shawn is furious with us as we (to her eyes) have been *censoring* ourselves by not posting stuff with Josh’s fish. Today we will not do a good job of refuting this theory very well as we do not have a photo of the three halibut that he caught today . Josh hooked up on his first of the day – a nine pounder – flylining a live sardine off New Brighton. He caught a small striper there as well. This afternoon he caught another two flatties – one 23 inches, one 22 inches – in the same area with the same bait. Likewise we do not have a photo of Kurtis’ fish – he caught a 25 incher and a nine pounder in the same area.

Again – plenty of bait in the marina this morning – large sardines and some pinhead anchovies that appear to be getting larger. It was difficult to keep the anchovies off the bait jigs as the sardines were underneath them, but it’s a good sign as far as what the future holds.

Otherwise – we aren’t aware of any other catches. Myron the Mariner was out and managed to hook up two short lings and a short flatty on the other side of the kelp bed to the east. Ed got to see a striper chase but ultimately reject one of his baits, a bat ray fly up near his boat, and he released a short lingcod. Not many boats out however, so our sample could be better.

Our slacking days are over for now – again our apologies – we will get back on track tomorrow, promise.

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Capitola: Sammay the conservationist

Sam and halibut
This, sadly, is also yesterday’s news. Here’s Sam with the legal flatty he caught yesterday from one of our kayaks. Sam is resilient – he will bounce back from our lack of postage….

In other old news, Ed caught his first striper of the season yesterday; you can visit it in the aquarium on the wharf here. Shortly we’ll have some really cooll ultra violet lights in there, it will look cool after dark.

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Capitola: Ooops – oh yeah – about the bite yesterday morning…

Larry and striper
… we didn’t post. But there was one this morning which we are about to post, so that sort of counts, doesn’t it?

Here’s Sheriff Larry with the 14 pounder he caught yesterday off the wharf using a live sardine under a bobber near the surf line. Sadly this is not news in any sense except for you, dear reader, who we forsook. Our humble apologies.

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Santa Cruz: snuck in for a picture

fishy fishy
i snuck in while a group of guys were showing the fish counter how many rockcod they caught and snaped this picture. the gantalman who caught these had his limit. i over heard they were out by natural bridges fishing with squid, and anchovies. they were caught around 10am. ha ha you can’t hide i will get the photos. thanks guys see next time.

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Santa Cruz: out for an hour

out for an hour
one of the few who go out for a hour still catches his dinner. this gentalman got 4 fish including the vermillion he said he was planning on having for dinner. it was a chore to get the picture but after some talking he took this pic. he was fishing with squid just outside the whistle buoy mid day. once again sorry for the delay.

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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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long weekend
if you know this guy you will understand the picture! Feel free to come down and see us maybe you have a question,want to go fishing, looking for some bait, tackle, snacks,drinks,or you are looking for that special gift for a friend or loved one we have just about everything. Maybe you just want to get out and talk to some friendly people. well come on down and see us we will be happy to help. You can ask for big steve!

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