Capitola: If you have some sardine recipes, best dust them off

busy wharf
The big news is that the bait did not run for the hills this afternoon, but rather has gathered all around the wharf . It is running away from the numerous pinnipeds that are rampaging through the very dense bait balls. This is good news for wharf anglers in search of that coveted striper, as live bait is a no brainer. You can at this moment toss a bait jig into the water and load it up within seconds. Sweet!

Other than some perch and shiners in the morning however we’ve yet to see any stripers find land. There are many people fishing the wharf today though, so it’s bound to happen.

Weather wise – we’re having one of those rare warm evenings where a warm wind blows from the north. Usually we don’t get many of these, we’ll be likely hanging around a little later than usual and might just be able to post some of the late bite action.

June 9, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports