Capitola: We are surprised there is any tread left on those tires

Scooter and halibut
That, because someone hit the brakes pretty hard on the fishing express today. This morning there was no bait, and this state of affairs continued through the day to this very moment.

This is probably weather related; we’ve had a slight southerly swell move in, and the wind is howling down the coast right now (we are very happy we have Pleasure Point protecting us in here in Capitola).

Scooter here bucked the trend however by catching these – 23 and 24 inch halibut. He was fishing Bomborra with live sardines all day. The bite finally happened around 3:30 this afternoon (while waiting he brought in a few rock cod as well). As far as we know this makes Scooter the highliner in these parts today – congratulations!

Larry and Parker can rightfully claim “also ran” – they came in with one legal halibut (which Parker caught) – it bit over off New Brighton beach.

The wharf does not quite have a tumbleweed problem yet, but there was a pretty significant drop in activity. The main issue is the lack of bait – all we saw were some walleyes and shiners.

Larry reports that our bait appears to have moved over to New Brighton (and Ed thinks it’s likely that it’s thick all the way to the ship).

June 10, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Keeny G - June 11, 2010

    Love to see the anchovies soon to be part of the feed for the flatties. The anchovies seem to behave better in the old bait bucket and don’t thrash around as hard,thus lasting longer. The stripers on the other hand are hitting poppers and chuggers darn near half their size at times with some quality fish to nearly 15lbs in the mix.

    Early and late for those who prefer the classic pencil poppers and live sardines picking up both stripers and halibut to 8-9lbs. Outside Bamborra Reef to the lower part of New Brighton beach has been solid for those putting the time in with live sardines, The kelp beds to the point north seem to have halibut as well just not as many anglers working the area. More ling action over by the point kelp beds. free lining sardines of New Brighton seems to be the trendy fashion this year.

    Nice fish are about its just about putting some time in and being ready to take advantage when the bites come. The halibut don’t seem to be making their classic hollywood hit run and sit with the bait on the bottom routine. The bites have been more subtle for the most part. Fish keep coming in and thats all that matters

    It’s about that time of year for Mongo size halibut,the ones most fillet knives are not big enough to cut through,to showing up? Should be some 20lb class stripers in the mix as well.