Capitola: Live bait is like magic

Ethen and two lingcod
Ethen here went fishing with his dad and a friend and found THE hot spot. Today it was located off Capitola reef just inside of where Sponge Bob used to be. Pictured here you see just some of their quite awesome score for the day – the 6 and 7.5 pound lingcod part of it. The part you’re not seeing is the 10 pound flattie (!!!) that they landed in the same spot. They were using live sardines on a halibut rig.

Where did this bait come from, you ask?? Ed went a jiggin’ today off Potbelly Beach and did a mid-water transfer of some nice 8-10 inch sardines from his boat to theirs. This pretty much flipped the switch on Ethen’s boat’s luck – the fish started climbing aboard.

Ed worked hard for this bait. It was in a layer down a bit from the surface and he had to stop in front of the balls and cast into them. Bait was in a large area — from almost off the bathrooms to the split between the houses at New Brighton — but the layer aspect of it made it tricky. Ed spotted the spotter plane, so expect that even more bait will magically disappear once the seiners have another go at it.

There are also some pinhead anchovies that have been hanging out just at the edge of the marina – Ed stayed clear of that but Butters is trying his luck over there right now.

June 11, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports