Capitola: This is one of those paintbrush-of-the-mind posts…

…because we didn’t take any pictures this afternoon

It was kind of an average day fishing today. We had most of our boats out, not all boats caught fish, some had just rock fish, there were three legal lings, and Justin came in with two nice flatties.

Earlier today we posted that bait was a bit sparse outside the marina – that might have been incorrect. Kurtis said it was actually pretty easy to load up on bait just outside the marina this morning – the reason people were taking so long is that they were getting a bunch of bait.

On the wharf today the halibut we posted earlier remains the highlight. We’ve seen a number of walleye perch being caught, and Butters said he saw a few sardines coming up off the end recently. Who knows – maybe we’ll get another evening bite (it’s still early).

Looks like tomorrow is going to be a bit warmer and a bit less windy. It can’t really be sunnier, because it was very sunny here today. If you don’t come for the fish, come for the weather; it’s great!

June 12, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports