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ReportTroller update: Bayside Marine

The Bayside Marine fishing report has been updated!

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Capitola: We bid a cautious welcome to June Gloom

Ryan and lingcod
Ryan caught this 26 inch lingcod fishing with his dad and brother off Capitola reef today. They were fishing from a rental using I-wish-I-remembered-or-even-asked-but-was-multitasking-so-i-don’t-know in that same honey spot. That’s really been a nice spot this year – hope it lasts. Nice fish Ryan!

For most rentals (and we did have quite a few out today) it was a slow-ish day. Of the 12 rentals out fishing, 5 got skunked, two did well with small rock cod in the kelp off Capitola reef. And then there were the halibut we’ve posted already. Not really great fishing, but passable. It is fishing after all.

Elsewhere on the ocean today, bait was again plentiful at the edge of the marina this morning (Larry said he loaded up very quickly and was able to have six on his bait jig at a time). It’s also moved in toward the wharf, so you can jig sardines up again. The ‘chovies appear to be elsewhere – some jacksmelt are now mixed in just outside the sardines.

On the wharf today – bait again (obviously), plus lots of perch. We’ve seen walleyes and shiners today for the most part, no big predators. The stripers appear to have taken refuge elswhere for the moment. You can be sure we’ll set off a E-flare when they come back.

Weather was again beautiful. Looks like at least part of that might be coming to an end; the forecast is now calling for some fog and a small southerly swell will be moving in too. Ed and the stenographer are likely going to put in some time tomorrow, so we’ll have some first hand stuff to report.

Boat bucks!! Monday through Thursday! You deserve it!!

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Santa Cruz: A flatty of a different sort

Zack and weird halibut
Check this weird thing out. This is the “white side” of a halibut that Zack hooked up on while fishing commercially with Kurtis outside the harbor today. Zoom in on it if you can – the colors where it goes from white to not-white are a real trip. The other side is the normal dark coloring. Could be this one is a rebel and trying to get past the whole melted face thing.

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Capitola: Halibut seem to have been everywhere today

Dave Mike and halibut
Dave and Mike caught these in a rental two using live sardines. One was on the west side of the wharf, and the larger one was down by the ship in 30-40 feet of water. The big one was about 8 pounds, the other better-than-legal.

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Capitola: Anthony has this whole thing dialed in

Anthony and two halibut
Anthony went out fishing with his dad in their raft today and fished something that sounds a lot like Myron the Mariner’s “shrimp kicker” baits on the west side of the wharf. He caught these two this afternoon sometime between 12 and 1 pm (which incidentally is kind of when many of the other halibut bit today). The big one is about 27 inches, the other is just legal. Good job Anthony – keep it up!

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Capitola: So what is going on with Pete here???

Pete and halibut
We are used to a very different status quo than we are getting from Pete these days. You know – like – he caught another fish (??!!??). It’s a nice one too. Are we happy? sad? confused?

For sure confused, cuz up ’til these last two years Pete was in the inenviable position of making everyone else feel great about the volume and qaulity of their own catches. Lately he’s off the charts (relatively speaking).

Well – whatever it is, congratulations Pete! This new leaf you’ve turned over makes for much better photo ops.

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Capitola: Nothing going on here – just dinner

Ary and Allen and halibut
Ary and his dad were fishing off Soquel point close to Surfer’s reef. They didn’t see a lot of action today aside from this legal halibut – it bit on a live sardine. It’s at least dinner though – not much to argue about there. Nice fish Ary.

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Capitola: If this is the luck of the beginner, I want amnesia

Randy and lingcod
Randy caught this awesome 24 inch lingcod fishing off his paddleboard in the current honey spot off Capitola reef today. He was using a live sardine on a halibut rig. So guess what: this was Randy’s first time fishing on the ocean. His buddy was telling him what to do from a kayak. Awesome catch – check out the color on this thing. Welcome to the ocean, Randy!

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