Capitola: It kind of looks like they are all holding shields

Myron Ed Greg and many halibut
Myron, Ed, and Greg went out ‘t fishin’ this mroning in three different areas of the north bay, and all scored nicely! Myron caught his using his last dead sardine in front of the harbor along the edge of the kelp. Ed caught his on a live sardine along the edge of the kelp on the left side of the wharf. And Greg caught his off of New Brighton in the shallows using a live sardine. Greg also caught a small but legal striper in the same area. Most bites occurred between 7 and 9 am.

We do have a slight south swell in here now, which may possibly have an effect on things, but if today’s catch is any measure, the halibut have come in to roost.

Ed was going to try for some stripers on the wharf but it looked kelpy and the bait didn’t seem like it was in much near the wharf so he bailed. Nonetheless he’s pretty happy to have gotten his first flatty of the season.

Myron the Mariner is likewise stoked – this is also his first flatty of the year. He will tell you it is because his mullet is growing back. We are in no position to argue with that, Myrn.

It is likely that the same crew will be out in force tomorrow to try again. See you then :)

June 14, 2010   Posted in: Fishing Reports

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  1. Keeny G - June 14, 2010

    New brighton beach , live sardines,= halibut fillets and a good shot at stripers as well. it’s been slower a couple days when the south swell got up but generally everyone targeting flatties are doing well on mostly every trip with live sardines. some locals up to 20 for the year already!

    Seeing the bite even with a bit of swell shows the numbers are still stacking in and getting better.

    Way to go ed! on the score board with a nice flattie! congratulations Myron loook like a 15lb plus or more fatty flattie well done!